Imagine If You Had A Consistent, Profitable Robot That Has Been Proven to Make Over 20% A Month Trading In The Forex Market?
Despite forex being known as the most lucrative market in the world, 96.5% of traders that enter, suffer defeat on it. And you know what? You don't need to be another statistic.

It's not your fault if you are among this unlucky number. Those few who succeed know something that keeps ordinary forex traders from achieving success in their trading.

Here's the truth - money isn't created out of thin air, it comes from people like us who spend it, trade it and invest it. It transfers to whoever has the information needed to make it work for them.

Today I am about to share the system that I've spent a lot of time, effort, and energy on. The system that is going to change the way you trade forex. I have developed a unique and extremely powerful robot that generates big steady profit that was previously available only to a chosen few... The masterpiece is called Forex Magenta.

I'm going to reveal it to you in a way that anyone can understand and implement IMMEDIATELY. You deserve the opportunity to make more money than you ever thought possible without all the headaches and stress involved with trading.

Hi, my name is Tommy Hamilton...
Below on this page you will see our live trading account and full backtest of the robot.
...and today I would like to tell you something.
Forex Magenta Real Performance
NOTE: MyfxBook is 3rd party controlled and without any form of influence from any independent entity. MyfxBook is
an automated analytical tool for Forex traders that allows its users to track and analyze the data and verify that an account is real. You can click on any of the chart images to access the page.
The system was designed specifically to withstand any market condition and deliver outstanding performance!
Despite the European crises, gold prices, and the worldwide economy, it will continue to maintain a powerful position.

Once you employ this tool, you will realize the RELIABILITY it brings to your daily trading
and see how powerful it is in helping you to make profit.

I have been trading successfully on the Forex market for many years.
Now YOU can benefit from all of my experience with the help of the Forex Magenta Robot.

My goal was to HELP other traders make reliable profit in such a way that it is consistent over the long run and easy even for beginners. Let's take a look at the performance of Forex Magenta Robot. Remember, there are no tricks and fake claims - only live real time proof. As you can see, the publishing works on 3rd party monitoring service called MyfxBook and all the accounts are fully verified.

Click on any image to see the results on Myfxbook
One-time payment, no subscriptions
+516% in a year: Huge Returns with Forex Magenta EA!
One-time payment, no subscriptions
Get Forex Magenta today, open it on 1-3 of the recommended pairs and enjoy the profit every single day!
Then, in a year from this moment, don't forget to thank me for MULTIPLYING your deposit!
+906% on EURGBP, M5: Massive Profit 100% Automatically!
Click on any image to see the results on Myfxbook
Forex Magenta was designed specifically for the most liquid and narrowest spread currency pairs:
The spreads of these currency pairs are most steady, even with floating-spread brokers.

Forex Magenta Works Amazingly Well
On All 7 Recommended Pairs
One-time payment, no subscriptions
Click on the image to go to myfxbook
Here you can find real trading results of one of the current Forex Magenta users. As you can see, a very conservative trader Harry started his journey with a very small balance of $100. I recommended him to go for one pair only, Moderate Mode.
And here are the results he managed to get in such a short time: +212%!
Forex Magenta can bring great results even with super low balance!

But imagine that if you had started with $1000, you could have tripled your deposit to $3000 already!
It's indeed possible because with a bigger balance you can trade up to 7 currency pairs at the same time!
Great Results With Any Starting Deposit
Click on the image to go to myfxbook
One-time payment, no subscriptions
The first step to building your wealth is with a PROVEN system. A system that delivers a steady return on investment, delivers a profit every month to help you pay off debt, save for a rainy day, or plan your next adventure.

In order to prove our product and reassure that it will really work, I'm attaching an account of one of the beta-testers that shows how much profit you can make in a month time by attaching the EA to just two currency pair charts:
The EA That Will Change Your Life
Forex Magenta will put you in the driver's seat. With this fantastic tool you can skip the expensive learning curve. From day one, you can start making deposits into your family budget rather than trying to explain to your spouse or friends why you are losing your hard-earned money in the currency markets.

Forex Magenta performance is something BEYOND the dreams of even some of the most successful traders because it enters the winning trades, and it does it with minimal risk.

I assume everyone who enters forex markets is not willing to invest big sums from the very beginning. We want first to make sure we are here to GET money, not lose it! That's why when I was coding Forex Magenta, I decided to make it efficient even for small deposit accounts too!

Below, you can see a REAL account results of one of our members.
Dan started with $400 and already made some good money!
The settings used: two pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD, M1 timeframe, Moderate Trading Mode (minimal risk).

One-time payment, no subscriptions
Click on the image to go to myfxbook
Based on the history of returns you have seen, you can tell this software has been EXCEPTIONALLY profitable and will continue
to be for years to come.

The secret of its success is that Forex Magenta Robot is UNIQUE in the sense that it uses a proprietary combination of 3 indicators that spot trending opportunities with laser accuracy and a near-perfect
win ratio.

It will then enter the trades and use a dynamic management system to lock in profits at a rapid and consistent rate month after month. And all this is executed absolutely automatically.

Forex Magenta is a fully automated Forex trading system designed to never need input from you. It manages every position and delivers results on 100% autopilot.

I have also developed easy-to-follow instructions to help you get started as smoothly as possible. You will start trading within minutes of downloading and installing Forex Magenta. Then you can relax while your account grows.

Passive Income. Set and Forget.
100% Automated and Incredibly Easy To Use
Email Reviews from Forex Magenta Users
One-time payment, no subscriptions
It is very easy to use Forex Magenta. You'll be provided with a user manual with detailed instructions how to download, install and configure the software.
Forex Magenta analyzes the market, places orders at the right time and manages them for you. And this happens completely automatically.
Easy To Use Tool
Fully Automated System
Forex Magenta EA comes with
Let's review what you get after purchasing Forex Magenta Robot:
Forex Magenta comes with a highly effective trading logic with advanced recovery option. The Robot can survive in any market conditions.
You can contact me personally whenever you want, regardless of the type of question or issue you wish to report. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Highly Effective Trading Logic
24/7 Personal Support
Email And Mobile Notifications
Instant messages will inform you when the robot has opened or closed a new trade. Therefore, you will not need to sit in front of the computers all day monitoring the trades.
30-days Money-back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied, you'll get a full refund. I am serious. If for any reason FM Robot did not help you achieve your goals, I will give you your money back with zero headaches, hassles or frustrations.
This trading style is especially perfect for beginners since it allows to make not very big but stable profits with very little risks attached.
Optimal Mode will allow you to easily gain more than 10% of profit every month and on each pair as well as to keep the risk quite low.
Eager to make real money rapidly? Then this Mode was designed specifically for you! Not recommended for novices due to high risks attached.
Conservative Mode
Optimal Mode (Recommended)
Even More: Three Modes to Choose from
Forex Magenta is an intelligent and self-adjusting system, with your only input being the selection of the Trading Mode. You can try all of them and choose the one that best suits your own vision of trading and your preferences.
You Don't Have to Fail Like Many Others Before

New Forex traders often waste years losing money, getting scammed, and learning bad trading habits. Many traders give up, never having made any money. This does NOT have to be your experience. Take a quick moment to review the list below. If you've been stung by any of these hurdles, then seriously consider owning Forex Magenta EA now:

You have tried multiple robots and trading strategies, but none of them
can consistently bring profitable trades;

You are new to Forex trading and are worried about losing the money
that you can't afford to lose;

You are overwhelmed by conflicting strategies, technologies and tools
that don't make sense or match your risk profile;

You want a SAFE way to double your income and get the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

You may be new to Forex trading, but it's important to understand how money works, what unexpected expenses can do to your finances, and the importance of building a solid financial foundation.

You're a hard worker. You do your job, come home to your family, and take care of them for the rest of the night. People depend on you - this isn't something you should gamble with.

Think about this.

All The Work Done For You

You've heard it before, but it's time to face the facts.

Forex trading is one of the most complex businesses in existence today and only
a handful of people have been able to survive it.

YOU will be able to transform YOUR trading from confusion to clarity. My Forex Magenta software will allow you to easily trade the Forex market and maximize your profits, whether day or night. Everything is FULLY automated... completely beginner-friendly.... and is hard-wired to generate PASSIVE income for many, many years to come with safe risk management.

I do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your job and your family. If you're a 9-5'er or someone
who has lots of other things to attend to during the day, this is perfect.

One more amazing feature of Forex Magenta is that it was designed specifically for the most liquid and narrowest spread currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, and AUDUSD. The spreads of these currency pairs are most steady, even with floating-spread brokers.

What's impressive about Forex Magenta is that it offers a trading strategy that can make you money
in any market condition. Isn't this something you want to try out today?

In the next few minutes? You definitely can.

I believe that even with the overburden of proof, nothing beats having your very own experience. Do you agree? If so, simply try it out yourself!
So, here's your checklist: Open a demo account or a live account, try the software, and verify everything I have told you is 100% true!
I offer you a Challenge. If you still don't think that this trading software can eliminate the stress of securing full time income, ask for your money back. There are no strings attached and no fine print.
Try It Out
Step 1
Step 2
Your Money-back Guarantee
The guarantee is unlike any other. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you will be refunded every dollar, no questions asked.

You MUST be overwhelmingly convinced you have been introduced to what you would almost consider to be the Holy Grail. Because, historically, depending on account size and risk... We've seen average returns of 20% profit per month!

At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch, I have to say that you've found something SPECIAL – something that will blow away almost any other investment opportunity because it offers a stable, consistent growth from month to month. Forex Magenta is unlike anything else out there. That's a fact. And if you are not getting the results you are after, stop and allow me to help you.

I am fully committed to your success.

How Much Is It Worth To You To Get
The Magenta Robot has already proven itself to be really profitable to me and all the beta testers. We stand 150% behind our algorithm with the commitment that if it is not good for us, it certainly won't be good for you. Now you have a chance to start your own money-making journey!

While I would love to offer Forex Magenta completely free of charge, there are costs associated with coding, maintenance, and future updates. Here's why I offer a fair, affordable pricing model for my new automatic forex trading robot. My goal is to ensure that you can earn it all back and get significant profit over a short period of time, so you will not think about the cost anymore.

By ordering today, you are going to get instant access to this money making robot, along with everything included and dedicated support for just 124 dollars, and that's 100% guaranteed. The price will not, however, stay at this level for too long. So, grab Forex Magenta while the price is still low...

$249 Price Today Just $124.50!
Change Your Life Today
You have seen it, and you have seen the proof. The RIGHT tool in the right hands can make all the difference. Forex Magenta is completely capable of giving you renewed financial hope.

Here's what you should do:

Click one of the Order Now buttons,

Download and install Forex Magenta and watch your trading account grow for the next 30 days,
all from the comfort of your home.

It will prove everything I've just told you and showed you is true.

Whatever you do, don't miss out on this opportunity.

It doesn't cost much and for this minimal investment made the financial return will be enormous!
That makes good business sense for you, doesn't it?

It's time to start playing for the winning team.

Use the Order Now button to secure a financially stable future for you and your family.

Everything you ever wanted is within reach.

Do it now!

Order Now
Order Now
Order Now
Order Now
Forex Magenta Package
An Extremely Profitable Built-in Combination of 3 Indicators

Super Effective Money Management System

100% Fully Automated
Trading Algorithm

Compatible to Any MT4
Forex Brokerage

Works on 7 Pairs and
3 Timeframes (M1-M15)

Life-time license for
1 Live & 1 Demo accounts

from 10% to 40%
Monthly Gains
Low Starting
30-days Money-
back Guarantee
My Personal
Help and Support
$249 Price Today Just $124.50!
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